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As the name suggests, Helium 10 is a collection of tools developed to help Amazon sellers take their business to the next level. They can perform different tasks such as keyword research, product research, inventory fraud protection, competitor analysis, automation and so much more. The tools are integrated into one platform that can be accessed on their website, chrome extension, or app on both iOS and Android.

This suite comes with a total of 22 tools that you can use to improve your profits, reduce risks and simplify your Amazon business. The best thing about this software suite for Amazon is that it comes with a free plan with the essential tools included. You can upgrade to the premium plans to enjoy more features and access any time. Let us look at what these tools can do for your Amazon business.

Black box

This is a product research tool that comes with advanced features. It has a large database of over 450 million products. Its smart filters help you to choose the most profitable products. Besides, it provides the number of sellers currently selling the product, the estimated sales per month, number of images, review ratings, price, weight, and so much more.
Instead of spending many hours trying to do manual research, you can get your comprehensive research done in seconds by the black box tool. One of my favorite features about the black box is that you can use it to carry competitor analysis. Buy this tool today and get strategic data to help you make better decisions.


Some products boom during specific times of the year while others stay on demand throughout. Before choosing a product to sell on Amazon, you need to know whether it has any demand fluctuations to avoid selling slow-moving inventory at the wrong time. Trendster helps in checking product’s unforeseen trends and seasonal demand. This tool is important because it helps you capitalize on the trends. You can search for a product that is highly searched every season or view fluctuation of sales and prices. The best thing about this tool is that you can use the ASIN search for a product.


X-ray is a chrome extension that delivers important market insights directly to your web-browser. You can get this tool for free by just signing up for Helium 10. This tool is very important because it helps you pull up data and carry out your research in a matter of seconds without having to leave your current page. It contains all the information required to make the right call while choosing a product. For example, you will get to view sale trends, revenue estimates, sponsored ad analytics, and so on. Besides, it allows you to find the most reliable suppliers on Alibaba, comes with a profitability calculator, ASIN grabber, inventory levels, and review insight. You can also view the potential demand of a certain product while you are browsing on Alibaba.

Profitability Calculator

This is an important tool that helps you to get a clear ROI picture. It helps you measure all the expected costs against the estimated revenue. The good thing is that the profitability calculator is also integrated into the chrome extension to make your work easier.

Review Insights

You can easily arrange and export customer reviews using this tool. It helps you understand the product better by uncovering customer insights, product issues, and pain points. Review insights are important because they help you make improvements and stand out from other sellers. This tool is also incorporated into the browser extension to help you export reviews with a few clicks.

ASIN Grabber

This tool allows you to copy bulk ASINs quickly, thus helping you to create targeted ads. Additionally, it helps find potential hot products for a specific season, holiday, or the following year. ASIN grabber is also part of the X-ray browser extension.


If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to get an insight into their keywords that they rank for. This will help you to customize your listing and improve your sales. Cerebro is a great tool for Amazon sellers, and it is easy to use and provides. It also helps you know the number of sales you need to heave per product to rank on top. Apart from uncovering the sponsored insights when you enter an ASIN, you will also get a detailed organic report. It provides Amazon sellers with accurate search volume.


This is a tool that provides long-tail keywords and related search terms for Amazon. It contains a huge database of valuable data to improve your keyword research experience. The long-tail keywords are great because they help you rank on multiple keywords. Besides, you will find terms with high search terms which are more likely to produce more sales. Magnet comes with an advanced filter that can provide customized search results for you.

Also, you can sort the list to get the information that is more important for your Amazon listing. With one keyword, Magnet collects a large list of closely related and relevant keywords in a bid to a solid boost. If you are looking to launch a new product and have no idea of the keywords to target, Magnet will serve you well. The free Helium 10 plan allows you to carry two searches per day.


Misspelinator is a unique tool that allows you to extract misspelled amazon keywords. These words have proved to be a gem because they usually have little or no competition. You will boost sales by using these keywords to optimize your listings. Whenever people misspell these words, your Amazon listing will be among the first to pop up. If you were to do this manually, it would probably take you hours of boring research. But misspellinator provides this data in a matter of seconds and a few clicks. The best thing about using this tool it works together with other helium10 processing tools such as Frankenstein to generate a well-curated list.


After getting thousands of keywords, you will need to use a keyword processor to clean and sieve them into a traffic generator. It is easier and more accurate than processing the keywords manually. Besides, it provides valuable insights showing you valuable insights such as the average keyword search per month. This tool takes a huge lump of data and breaks it down into smaller manageable sizes that you can use. It filters out the duplicates, gets rid of unwanted characters, and sorting the keywords depending on their popularity. Another great feature about Frankenstein is that it shows you the frequency and can boost your listing rankings.


This tool helps verify that you have used the best keywords in your Amazon listing. It also confirms whether you have adhered to the limitations set in terms of the correct number of keywords. Scribbles make the whole process of optimizing your product descriptions very easy. It also includes smart features that allow you to import listings as well as retrieve the previous drafts. The main purpose of this is to ensure that you have not excluded the best keywords for your product description. Creating optimized listings has never been easy than with scribbles. You can optimize the title and description using the master keyword list and the bullet points.

Index Checker

This tool allows checking if your listing is ranking on the Amazon search results. Now you do not have to waste a lot of time by checking manually. Also, this tool checks if keywords are hurting your optimization. These negative keywords can prevent others from ranking top on the search results. You can also discover the keywords that top-ranking products are using by entering their ASIN. Digging these keywords and implementing them on your listings helps to boost organic traffic. Index checker allows you to input up to 1000 words of search terms characters. You can use this cool as often as you like to check on issues and take action to boost your sales.

Refund Genie

The amazon seller refund process consumes a lot of time, and it can be very confusing. But this tool makes the process straightforward and simple for you. It uses five reasons to auto-check the FBA inventory reimbursements. Then it collects the pre-written messages and selles them along with the seller reimbursement requests. This allows you to receive refund estimates fulfillment by Amazon faster. Besides, you can view the past reimbursements and what refunds are owed to you. Lastly, Amazon will create reports for all the market places at the same time.


It is not easy to detect hijackers using the manual process. Suppose you are selling a hot product. Some people may try to usurp your brand authority or even sell counterfeits. But with alerts, you can monitor your products in real-time. The free plan allows you to receive alerts on 2 ASINs per month. The elite plan allows you to protect up to 1000 ASINs. This tool provides you with a dashboard to manage all your products. You can now rest easy knowing that your products are safe. Apart from monitoring your FBA inventory, this tool allows you to respond to threat in real-time. Responding to threats quickly helps you to remain on top of your game. Another exciting feature about this tool is that it captures your listing and sends it to you daily.

Inventory Protector

Launching a product can be exciting until your inventory gets wiped out by coupon stackers or malicious competitors. Inventory protectors can prevent shoppers from buying large amounts of the discounted products. It allows you to set the maximum quantity one can order. This is the best way to protect your inventory against buyers that can buy a huge chunk of your inventory using discounted codes. Inventory protector also makes it hard for the competitors to spy on your inventory levels. The inventory protector prevents you with a simple dashboard that you can use to protect your products from being oversold.


This an email automation tool that creates a stellar customer experience. If you are always busy, it can be hard for you to communicate effectively with the customers. After specific triggering events or pivotal moments, you need to provide updates to the customers. This tool makes all the work easy for sending follow-up emails. It provides you with a dashboard that you can create automated emails. This tool allows you to focus on other aspects of your business hence improving your sales. You can create a sequence of emails depending on triggers. The follow-up tool from Helium10 tools comes with a user-friendly interface and an easy-to-use dashboard.

Mobile App

Helium10 is not a suite on the web. It comes with a mobile app that you can easily use to manage your Amazon listings. All the tools can be accessed on this app. They are displayed beautifully and provides instant alerts. Apart from a beautiful design, this mobile app provides you with all the performance metrics for your Amazon listings. For instance, you will get to view the profits, sales and keep track of your inventory with notifications. If there is any suspicious activity such as fraudulent product sales or listing changes, this app will notify you immediately.

Profits Analytics

This is the Amazon seller analytics tool by helium 10. It provides deep insights into the sales that you have made. This is a very helpful tool since it helps sellers to measure profitability at a glance. You get to view both negative and positive data so that you can use it to improve your products or listings. Besides, you can view this information depending on the day, month, or year you want.

Another important feature of this helium ten tool is the sales trend. It utilizes past data to provide you with a graph showing you the increasing or decreasing in revenue. This information is important as it helps you identify the products that are performing well and those making losses. With this data, you can make informed decisions.

Market Tracker

Market tracker helps sellers to predict the market. It analyzes the competitors as well as uses other factors to determine the health of the market. Besides, it helps you improve targeted markets. It uses smart algorithms that suggest on-point products. If you always want to be ahead of your competitors, you need to have a market tracker. It helps you know what tactics your competitors are using before they see you.

Instead of tracking just a few keywords and products, the market tracker gives you the bigger picture. Besides, it comes with a dashboard that shows you all the important insights, rankings, and analytics. This data is updated daily to help you stay on top of your market.

Keyword Tracker

This is a special tool that shows the position of your sponsored and normal listings in real-time. It has a special dashboard that displays all your selected keywords. Keyword tracker is a great tool for Amazon sellers because it helps them pull the trigger faster with the best insights. It comes with a rocket boost feature that you can use to check the boosted keyword data every hour for ten days. Keyword tracker also comes with a section that displays the historical data of keyword ranking. It helps to show where and how your important keywords have ranked over time. It is a great tool for visualizing estimated monthly searches and ranking trends over time.


This a tool that allows you to optimize, automate and simplify Amazon PPC management. It makes the work easier for the average user as it deals with the hard stuff and presents simplified campaign management. This ads optimization tool offers clear metrics and smart suggestions to the Amazon seller. It allows users to focus more on selling products as they handle the ads automatically.
It uses key metrics such as CPC, CTR, and ACoS to send automated bid suggestions to you. The ADS beta both negative and new keywords using advanced rule-based algorithms. The helium 10 ADS tool comes with a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to easily visualize performance, automate, or make changes to the campaign. You need to be a Helium 10 diamond member to get full access to the ads tool.


Helium 10 portal is a tool that allows you to organize your customers in one place. It helps you drive your external traffic to your product page using conversion-optimized and easy-to-build product landing pages. You can customize all your pages under one dashboard using the portals tool and populate them using product information from Amazon.

This is a great tool because it opens doors for traffic from other sources such as social media, email lists, paid ads, and much more to your amazon product page. Portals allow you to nurture customers that can make repeat purchases. It offers a wide range of templates for your thank you page and email opts, ready-to-use sales, and so much more. Portals integrate seamlessly with Facebook, Zapier, Google Analytics, and other tools.

Helium 10 Tools: Final Thoughts

Helium 10 is an Amazon tools suite designed to help you improve your business. It comes with 22 tools that you can use to manage, protect, track products, do keyword research product research, and increase your sales. These highly integrated tools also help the Amazon sellers with financial analysis enable them to make sound decisions and move their business to another level. It has four pricing plans that you can choose from depending on your needs. The most basic plan is free but contains limited features. It would be best if you upgraded to enjoy more tools and access that can scale your Amazon business higher. Get 50% OFF your first month when you use code: ONLINESHOPANDWEB50 or 10% OFF every month when you use code: ONLINESHOPANDWEB10 -> CLICK HERE!